Cellink AB: BIO X6 vinner prestigefyllda Red Dot Design Award för Med totalt sex printhuvuden är denna innovativa 3D bioprinter oerhört 


CELLINK lanserar BIO X, en ny 3D-Bioprinter. Den nya bioskrivaren erbjuder ny funktionalitet och högre användarvänlighet, skrivaren inriktar 

CELLINK har beviljats patent för "Clean chamber technology for 3D Printers and Bioprinters " från det Koreanska patentverket tor, jul 11, 2019 11:50 CET. CELLINK har beviljats ett patent för en teknik som möjliggör bioprinting i en steril miljö. CELLINK has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2021 for the design of the innovative 3D bioprinter BIO X6. This means that, once again, CELLINK is one of the winners in the world’s most renowned design competition, recognized as a high achievement of design quality with entries from renowned companies all over the world. Cellink is a biotechnology company and one of the first bioink companies in the world. The company leverages its bioink and 3D printing technology to print human organs and tissue models, which potentially can be used in e.g.

Cellink bioprinter

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Consistent and reliable, the printers offer a range of applications and are the perfect tools for the researchers and innovators setting up their research in regenerative medicine. Tour of the BIO X 3D bioprinter, as used in CTI BIOTECH research. CLip via CELLINK 3D on YouTube. Understanding cancer on a cellular level.

3D Printers CELLINK partners with Prellis Biologics to advance $1.2 million high-precision Holograph-X Bioprinter Tia Vialva December 06th 2018 - 11:51am

The startup has made such advances as creating the first 3D bioprinted cornea, and recently came out with the first holographic bioprinter called Holograph X. In 2017, Cellink’s IPO was more than 1070% over-subscribed and the founder Erik Gatenholm was also placed on the Forbes’ “30 under 30” list in 2018. CELLINK is the leading 3D bioprinter provider and the first bioink company in the world. We focus on developing and commercializing bioprinting technologies to allow researchers to print human organs and tissues for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Cellink is a Boston-based company established in 2016.

Cellink bioprinter


Cellink bioprinter

The Holograph can create tissues 10x larger than standard spheroid cultures at high resolutions. The INKREDIBLE 3D Bioprinter allows you to print human tissue right in front of your eyes. The INKREDIBLE bioprinter offers excellent accuracy, high reproducibility, and ease of use. The INKREDIBLE Bioprinter has been optimized to print Skin and Cartilage tissue, however, the sky is the limit on what tissues you can print. Product Category: CELLINK INKREDIBLE+ 3D Bioprinter. Dual Printheads, Clean Chamber Technology, UV-crosslinking system . Order Code: S-10003-001.

Cellink bioprinter

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The Holograph-X is a professional bio 3D printer produced by CELLINK. CELLINK is a 3D bioprinter manufacturer based in United States. CELLINK is a 3D bioprinter manufacturer based in United States. This printer uses “high-resolution holographic stereolithography”.

CELLINK har beviljats ett patent för "3D-bioprinter och ett 3D-bioprinter system" från det Svenska Patent- och registreringsverket tis, jun 23, 2020 15:05 CET Patentskyddet gäller den svenska marknaden.
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CELLINK tilldelas 2019 års Stora Designpris för 3D-bioskrivaren BIO X. En skrivare för bio-bläck som skriver ut komplicerade, mänskliga vävnadsstrukturer i 3D.

Baktien cellink. Cellink – inte bara 3D-bioprinters och bläck — Erik Gatenholm, vd på Cellink, berättar om företagets strategi och  CELLINK is the first bioink company revolutionizing bioprinting. Advanced bioprinting technologies for pharmaceuticals and drug development. CELLINK is pioneering cell cultivation systems through bioprinting, analysis and liquid handling or bioprocessing. The researchers created a gel composed of human cartilage cells, printed it through a CELLINK 3D bioprinter and implanted the material.

CELLINK meddelade igår att man lanserar BIO MDX™-serien, nästa generations bioprinters utformade för high throughput biofabricering och precisionsbaserad 

2020-03-19 2021-03-23 Both firms will release the technology in the form of the “CELLINK Holograph-X Bioprinter – Powered by Prellis Biologics”. It will go to market at a retail price of a whopping $1.2 million. The Holograph can create tissues 10x larger than standard spheroid cultures at high resolutions.

The BIO X bioprinter is the industry standard trusted by researchers, doctors, and industry professionals across the globe, revolutionizing fields such as tissue engineering, drug discovery, toxicity research, and enabling researchers to do more in 3D cell culture faster. Whether you are new to 3D cell culture or an advanced user of bioprinters, we are confident the BIO X system will This bioprinter system launched an industry and can also launch your research to the next level. Small but mighty, the INKREDIBLE bioprinter system offers basic dual head pneumatic extrusion in a standalone unit. Easily fabricate 3D constructs consisting of up to two cell types and bioinks just using the built in UI (or through a connected computer). The CELLINK BIO X is a professional 3D bioprinter produced by CELLINK. CELLINK is a 3D printer manufacturer based in United States.